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After a long hike across those mountains that your village deemed forsaken, you arrive at quite the unusual sight. Traces of a long-forgotten facility would leave you questioning whether things could have been different - intact. Working yourself through the piles of reagents, burnt paper and storage mediums, you end up in a chamber that seems passable. You might take a rest and fuel up on those gas canisters that were lying around next door, you think, as you play with the idea of turning this into a new home. A place to leave a piece of you behind and to be the actor filling this scene with life and inspiration.


07.05.2022 | Yesterlab

I finally managed to put up the courage to send in my site to the Yesterweb. It goes without saying how much of a nerd I am for the project. I wish I could find a fun way to contribute to this incredibly cool project.

05.05.2022 | Dreadful Thesis

My mind is making a great effort in trying to stay sane. I have a lot to think about - about code, gender and queer studies. Life is changing at an odd pace, but I managed to write my very first blog entries about virtual pet sites. Check them out here.

01.02.2022 | Terrible Pacing

There we go, I added some of my artwork and a bit of flavour text about ... me! I'm sure you can find it somewhere around here. I also added some ratty pride emotes which you grab over here.

29.01.2022 | Critters Font

Have this funny little font. I stumbled over so many beautiful pixel fonts and tried to incorporate some monster designs because I have been obsessed with v-pets lately. You can get it over here.

26.01.2022 | Oh? Why?

I got inspired by the yesterweb webring to move the things I do that bring my joy to a place more private. I am working on putting up all the weird artwork, their writing and my random thoughts on here, so I can keep track of them without any pressure. Starting the obligatory WIP post. Say Hi! Discord: Arduqq#0885

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