A Quaint Laboratorium

Digital Artwork

I like drawing fun creatures in CSP. It helps me experiment with layering colors on top of each other, yet it's hard to not fall victim to perfectionism.

Digital Gallery "N8igall"


In case anyone wants to see all the things I could do for them, I send them there. My website is not my portfolio. If you would love to make me create for you, feel free to reach out for the prices. It's cheap as I am still developing my showcases.

Portfolio on Glitch

Qeycard Maker

A simple avatar maker like a picrew do create a photo for your next ID! I try to throw in batches of new assets every now and then. Uses JS!

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Helix Vacui

Imagine a world where your one true purpose is hidden yet vital for you to uncover. Your very body aching to unravel this secret as you pursue the many careers this society has to offer. An unending spiral manifested in a snail house that feeds on you, creating an inner void when you fail to contribute to the greater good. Here I collect all the characters I design for this little art project.

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Midveil Characters

I really like the site Strudel Café. It's a pet site based on a closed species. As much as I dislike the concept of a closed species, the owners of this place are doing wonderful work and have broken my creator's block multiple times. Here are the things I drew on there!

Enter Midveil