A Quaint Laboratorium

Here are some digital pieces of mine that I feel proud of. I rarely follow any theme and just love doodling ahead to see what I end up with. While I have a lot of fun experimenting with all the possibilties you have in a digital environment, I have to stop myself from not overthinking it.

Social media bombardements turn artistic freedom into a challenge for me where I catch myself thinking about how I could render my art sellable. That is why, I currently try to stay away from taking commissions. I am, however, always eager to draw for friends in an art trade context.

Digital Gallery

Creating life has always been my favourite part of drawing. It helps me think about my own style and how I would like to portray emotions and aesthetics accordingly. To kill my art block I love creating for pet sites or ARPGs like PaperDemon, but most of the time, it's just drawing funny shapes and going with the flow.