A Quaint Laboratorium

Phew, another visitor! I'm Artur, and here you can find a bunch of things about myself. Navigate this place with the help of the map. Consider dropping some words in the Radio, or just write me wherever! Enjoy your stay, or have a nice day if you're just stepping by.


Welcome to my odd little place on the web. This is where I dabble in media, and throw it at a website! Inspired by the creativity of people online, this laboratory tries to honour and play with what the internet can be. It's my personal playground to shape, and destroy. In an effort to find anyone like-minded, I stray away from conventional virtual life on corporate social media to invite everyone into an endless space that deserves to be treated respectfully. My thoughts on such a future are under construction, and so is this page. Step by, and let's build it together For now, you can check out the different explorable rooms such as the following!

Thanks for stopping by. Keep creating!

Fantasy Violence
Mild Blood