A Quaint Laboratory

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Scattered piles of yellowed paper cover the tables of a room that seems to have been the foyer. Of all the computers, you find a peculiar laptop that is as chunky as can be. Its frame is rusty yet the glue of the stickers on it seems to be holding that poor thing together. Without a password, you are immediately prompted to a directory of thoughts that person must have been dying to express.

Sticky Notes on Technology

Here go some experience reports on my digital life - sharing the things I built myself, and what inspired me.

Mastodon Reckoning of Blasius

The Virtual Pet Site Compendium

I am going on a little journey through the world of virtual pet sites. Here you can find overly long essays on what these spaces are, what they can be and how we could get there. Give me a nudge if you know of a cool place, so I can take a look!

Virtual Digital Hypothetical Pet Subeta: A Muse in Disguise VIRTUAL PET MATRIX