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Searching the files of a place between our present and the afterlife, a sudden selection of creatures pops up. You barely get to get a clear understanding on what Midveil might be all about, but you feel like whoever was invested in working with these creatures, took a liking to this foreign dimension.

I took a liking in Strudel Café over the past months and wanted to find a nice place to showcase my creations. It is a closed species - a dreadful thing, I know - yet its gamification and simplicity made me fall in love with it. Definitely give it a shot.

I focus my characters to resemble the cast of the DrakeNieR series which has been very inspiring to me and I stopped counting the times it made me cry. You might find some similarities, yet I do try to give it a personal touch to tie it together with the fun concepts the site is offering. Hit me up if you find out which character is inspired by whom and we might get along just well!

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