A Quaint Laboratory

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The smoke has been rising over the skyline of Neph Apetalim. The stench of burnt wood fills the street where little Tolya has been playing with her friends two hours ago. She was supposed to stay at home and look after her grandfather when she decided to leave for just a second to catch some dusty air before her parents would be done with the renovations. Who could have known that this last time, mother and father would look at her with the last spark of love from the ambulance's car. An ache in her lungs would follow Tolya every time she felt safe and warm by any flame. That guilt and urge of to burn kept building up until a dream of change would come from the skies in the form of a little firefly, Astre.


Pronouns: She/Her Species: Jollybean Variant: Companion Theme: Matchstick Affiliation Svetlym